The Water Picnic Tests – the experience of two handlers

It is always a pleasure to run in a Chiltern Working Test as the Club always puts on a very welcoming and fun day.
It was a fantastic day with well thought out tests on some fabulous ground. Most importantly the atmosphere on the day was just wonderful and really nice to spend the day with a group of people all supporting each other and appreciative of all the hard work that goes into making such a great day.

Huge thanks to Jennifer and everyone who gave up their time to come and help or judge because with out these generous people we could not have such days.

I was really pleased with my two boys, but it was just lovely to be on a rare day out with them and enjoying working them doing what they love to do.

Many thanks to everyone for making a great day.

Daniel Higgs

I must admit I was quick to send my entry for the Water Test at Brook End Farm where Mr & Mrs Butterworth have kindly hosted the event for many years. The ground is a joy to be on and I like wildfowling so water retrieves are especially relevant as I bring Bobbie on for retrieving ducks and geese. The Club and Judges have a knack for setting tests that are totally relevant for a dog’s work in the season.

Bobbie did well with the water retrieves but the second retrieve in the walk up stretched him as he got his nose down on the scent from the shorter (1st) retrieves which he needed to run past. A realistic situation which I will work to improve on.

I have been involved with the Club for many years & am pleased to say the Culture of ‘doing it well’ without cutting corners as successfully been passed on to new Committee members as they change. No wonder it has been successfully running for over 75 years! Thank you Jennifer and your team for all that you do for the members. 

Will Organ