Chiltern Gundog Society Novice, Intermediate and Open AV Retriever Working Test

The Chiltern Gundog Society held a Novice, Intermediate and Open AV Retriever Working Test on Saturday 19th May 2018 at Woodlands House, Winchbottom Lane, Little Marlow, Bucks by kind permission of Mr and Mrs Richard Mash.
Judges: Chris Marshall, Francesca Prentice, John Stubbs, Jill Gosling and Colin Pelham and generously sponsored by Sneyd’s Wonderdog. As ever, thank you to the landowners, all the competitors, helpers, stewards and judges for a fantastic day.
1st Jan Kerwood with Wizaller Black Velvet LRB 06/02/15 Fallowpark Night Jar X Leadburn Quintessa
2nd Ellena Nunneley with Swiftlands Austin LRD 08/05/16 Quarnford Grouse of Rufriver X Birdrook Vixen
3rd Malcolm Jones with Gwynteg Alize LRB 09/05/16 FtCh. Carltonstar Toby X Woodpath Doris
CoM Charlotte Wilkinson with Belfriars Brooke of Delerwa LRB 14/4/15 Stauntonvale’s Mr Grey X Warrenby Gypsy of Belfriars
1st Jane Trowell with Janfran Makarova LRB 13/5/15 Copperbirch Ross X Janfran Princess Polly
2nd Chrissie Thomas with Roughbeat Melchior GRD 26/12/14 FtCh Echobrook Dexter X Souter Red Hot Chilli at Roughbeat
3rd Kevin Phillips with Fendawood Jacob LRD 28/2/16 FtCh. Beiley’s Aguzannis of Fendawood X Fendawood Dancefloor
1st Tricia Kirchstein-Adams with Ardyle Cotillion GRD 21/4/11 FtCh. VAMP Parsley Potage X Deepfleet Avocet
2nd Anthony Lynn with Dingbridge Willow LRB 30/4/12 Bellaroyal Chillie Pepper X Lamlodge Summerskye
3rd Peter Stevens with Priesthill Tara Rose LRB 1/02/13 Fernflight Red Barron of Longcopse X Priesthill Shooting Star

CoM Patti Money-Coutts with Thibodaux Tegan LRB 16/8/13 FtCh. Jagdens Gander X Beautiful Little Bella.

Congratulations to all those in the awards.