Chiltern Gundog Society 2-Day Open Stake

Two-Day Open Retriever Trial held at Windsor Estate by gracious permission of HM The Queen, and kind invitation of the Chiltern Syndicate.

The Chiltern Gundog Society were delighted to be able to hold the 2018, 2 Day Open Retriever Qualifier at the Windsor Estate. Head Keeper Mr Peter Clayton had prepared a number of drives and ground for a walked-up trial … a small duck drive signalled the start. The judges, sensibly, suited the requirements of each retrieve to the lay of the land, which had a large amount of challenging thistle cover. Windsor is renown for its deer herd and a large and handsome stag interrupted the second drive… with the judges moving the dogs in line and the dog steward herding the spectators behind brambles, Mr Clayton stopped the drive to allow the stag to exit left! A thin strip of white grass and Oak saw a surprising number of hares and partridges flushed, that fell into cover crop.

The second day saw the trial use a field to walk up and culminating in a small drive, that allowed the keepers and spectators to watch some long retrieves and challenging unseen retrieves. Mr Clayton, then cleverly, selected a thin strip of woodland to flush single birds on the right of the line. With the penultimate round seeing dogs sent from the left, over low crop, into thick cover for retrieves. The final round, inexplicably, gave each dog a retrieve out onto the plough. With three dogs safely though the judges closed their books.

Thank you to head keeper Peter Clayton and his team, who worked very hard to provide some fantastic birds on both days. Thanks also to the Chiltern guns for a fantastic two days and to the great team of helpers. Both days ran smoothly and allowed for some brilliant dog work. Thanks to the team of judges; Barbara Kuen, Rodger Ketley, Graham Stanley, Steve Cullis and to Skinners Pet Foods who are kindly supporting our field trials this season.

1st (and gun’s choice) – FTCh Magbar Tamora – Martin Bagg
2nd – Fendawood Feller – Reuben Mort
CoM – Hanans Kertis – Jacqui Crew
Good luck to Martin at the Championships!

PS – So impressed with a small beating spaniel, that made a perfect mark and delivery on both days the Guns awarded  ‘Committee’s Choice’ to Cameron’s cocker spaniel.