Beckerings Estate Novice Stake 2018

The Chiltern were delighted to be invited back to Beckerings Estate by Mr Paul Childerley on the 2ndNovember 2018.  This was the fourth trial we have held on the ground and this year saw the hard work from the Estate and committee result in a fantastic trial! Paul had selected two very different drives for the trial; the first utilised a huge field with sprouting winter wheat, with birds landing on the field or in the surrounding woodland – the judges Mr Derrick Capel, Mr Gary Vidler, Mrs Josaphine Van Der Dussen and Mr Jim Collins were able to conduct a very even trial with both sides of the line retrieving from the woods and the crop.

After completing two rounds and with 12 dogs still in line the trial moved to an undulating field of rough grass, also storing huge felled tree trunks – not only providing a back drop for good ‘marking’ but also concealing a few retrieves, thus allowing the gallery with the spectacle one dog that jumped from tree trunk to tree truck and achieve an eyewipe! The last round of retrieves saw the dogs run the edge of a wood, over the brow of a hill and pick a bird, unseen by handler – the Guns’ took a keen interest and watched each retrieve.


1stMs Charlotte Wilkinson with Belfriars Brooke of Dalerwa

2nd  Mrs Catherine Munn with Lilleburne Freedance Fee

3rdMrs Janice Miller with Millerise Jemima – also winning Guns’ Choice

The Chiltern Gundog Society would like to thank Paul Childerley for kindly allowing us to return to the Beckerings Estate to hold our trial, his fantastic team of guns who shot so well and our judges Derrick Capel, Gary Vidler, Josephine Van der Dussen and Jim Collins.  Thank you also to the Committee and helpers who performed a range of jobs throughout the day to help the trial run smoothly.