56th Chiltern Gundog Society Annual General Meeting

Notice is hereby given of the 56th Annual General Meeting of the Chiltern Gundog Society which will take place on Sunday 18 March 2018 at Lane End Youth & Community Centre, starting at 12.30am (after the training session). An agenda can be found at the AGM notification: 56 AGM Notice

Chiltern Gundog Society 2017/18 Novice Stake for 14 A.V. Retrievers

Chiltern Gundog Society 2017/18 Novice Stake for 14 A.V. Retrievers at Englefield Estate, Theale, Berks by kind permission of Mr Richard Benyon and the Englefield Estate on 23rd January 2018. Chiltern Gundog Society held their Novice Retriever Stake at the Englefield Estate today. Many thanks to Mr. Benyon and estate for hosting the trial and to Mr. Wiggins, who as …

Open Stake For 24 A.V. Retrievers 24 – 25 Nov 2017

The CGS held the 2 day Open Retriever stake at Ampton, Suffolk with the kind permission of Mr. Peter Rushbrook and by kind invitation of the Society’s guns. We were exceptionally lucky with the weather as both days saw bright sunshine but frost crisp beet. Mr. D. Field with Mr. T. Brain took the left of the line, while Mr. …

Open Stake For 16 English Springer Spaniels 2017

The day started overcast and warm for the time of year, with everyone present the trial started promptly, hurrah. We had a choice of starting the trial in roots and then moving on to woodland after about four dogs, however we felt that if we could have the same cover, as far as possible, for all the dogs that, clearly, …


Opportunities will be available to members of the Society who wish to get more involved with the organisation of events.  These are worthwhile positions that open up a raft of opportunities within the Chiltern Gundog Society.  Please email gundogdummies@gmail.com for more information.

Chiltern Gundog Society Field Trial Schedules

Field Trial schedules can be accessed at the following links:     Open Stake for 16 Cocker Spaniels Novice Stake for 16 Cocker Spaniels Novice Stake for 16 ESS 2018 Open Any Variety Special Stake for 16 Spaniels 14 Dog Novice AV Retriever Trial Second Novice Retriever Trial Notice of Intent Open Stake for 24 A.V Retrievers Rules and Regs

Second Novice Retriever Trial

The Chiltern Gundog Society intends to hold a second Novice Retriever trial during the forthcoming season. Notice will be given on FTMS, the Chiltern Gundog Society website, the Society’s Facebook page and via an ‘email drop’. Entry via FTMS is preferred; however members can contact the Field Trial Secretary if more information is required; M-J. Opie 02082488975 or 07932032265 or …