The Chiltern Gundog Society services the Counties
of Berkshire, Buckinghamshire, Hertfordshire,
Oxfordshire and surrounding areas

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The Chiltern Gundog Training Club was formed originally in 1960 by a group of like minded amateurs who wanted to improve the ability of their working dogs, in a friendly group.

Meeting monthly they each shared their skills and this was the formation of a more structured club.

With the advent of shooting and working dogs attracting a wider community outside of the professional world, and the Kennel

Club registering events, the Club was made “official” and registered.

The Club went from strength to strength, prospering as a training club, offering tests and various events and then ran a novice field trial for Retrievers followed later by one for Spaniels

Chiltern Gundog Training Club first ran an open trial for retrievers, then spaniels and followed later with cocker spaniels making it one of the

very few clubs who are able to run open trials for three different breeds. To better reflect this, the club became known as The Chiltern Gundog Society.

It has never lost its roots and to this day, still offers training classes throughout the year, and have also retained various working tests and fun events for enthusiastic individuals who wish to enjoy and work their dogs.